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Create the Perfect Christmas Gift - No Money Needed
Nov 21, 2016

Create the Perfect Christmas Gift - No Money Needed

Well, it is here again. Advent starts this Sunday, which means Christmas is inevitably coming soon. In this time we usually start searching for inspirations, interesting gifts and ideas. I do not know about you, but for me this sometimes feels desperate. Because we have pretty much everything we need. And I always try to make Christmas less about "things" and more about "special time together". How about you?

Are you interested in something that will not add more "stuff" to your home but will create deeper connections instead? Empower love and belonging?

If your answer is yes, let me share this inspiration with you. It has made my Christmas beautiful and I hope it can do the same for you. 
And it is free :-).

Here is what you need. It is simple:

1. Create a time and space, where you will not be disturbed and where you can dive into your feelings. You´ll need approx. 30-60 min. 
2. Take a piece of paper and a pen. It is better than computer, the energy of handwriting activates your brain in a different way. 
3. Think about the person you want to create this special gift for. 
And write down a list of 24 REASONS WHY I LOVE YOU. Let your hand flow freely, take enough time and connect to your emotions. Think about all the beautiful moments you have experienced together. All the joy. And maybe even all the hard times you have gone through, that made your relationship stronger. Dive deep. Breathe. And just write. You can edit later.  

Writing this list takes courage. You need to be honest and open, you may even feel vulnerable. But this is how we create real, deep human connection. 

There are many variations to this list. You can adjust it however you like. You can use it for your friend, partner, child, parent, colleague and more. For example:

  • 24 ways you make me smile
  • 24 ways you make me happy
  • 24 things I love about you most
  • 24 reasons why I honor you as my life partner
  • 24 times "thank you" (Thank you for...)
  • 24 most precious moments with you that I carry in my heart …etc.

There is only one important rule. Whatever you write, never add the word “but” or “if”. For example: “I love our walks in the forest, but it would be great if we went more often.” That is forbidden. The important rule is: NO conditioning, no exceptions.

Let the gratefulness and appreciation flow through your heart. 
I can promise you that it is not only a beautiful gift for the receiver, but it is also a wonderful experience for the giver. And you can create a nice tradition in your family. My children kept writing similar lists for a long time in many variations. And we all loved it.

I hope you like this and it creates some special memories :-). Let me know how it worked or if you do similar things in your family. We can enrich each other and make our Christmas a really magical time :-) 


PS: This idea comes from a beautiful Canadian coach Teresia LaRocque, so THANK YOU TERESIA :-).

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