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Life Lesson from the Ski Slope
Feb 28, 2017

Life Lesson from the Ski Slope

Have you ever struggled whether to raise your ambition or accept things as they are? I learned a wonderful lesson this weekend that I want to share with you.

I went skiing with my husband. As an adventurous soul, I´ve always loved the freedom and the speed on the ski slope. But being 44, for the first time in my life, I felt there was a turning point. I felt I was no longer going to be faster than before.

Although I´m in a very good shape, it´s different than when I was 22 or 33. I see myself being more careful and less comfortable on the challenging slopes. Skiing there gradually turned into more effort and stress than joy.

We were skiing.. and all of the sudden I saw it. I was trapped in this foolish ambition to prove myself and my skills and suffering from unnecessary pressure that I put on myself. Old habits die hard.. I shared this with my husband and he started laughing. He said that it was a lot of stress for him as well. So we changed geers and spent the rest of the day in pure joy and flow on the red and blue slopes (the less difficult ones). It was sooo liberating! 

We both ended the day with this idea that it is courageous and liberating at the same time to accept where is (and is not) your place on the ski slope :-) and metaphorically this can be applied to all areas of our life.

Do we really need to pursue our old ambitions? Would not it feel incredibly free to accept where we belong in the current circumstances and enjoy it fully?

I know this may sound contradictory to courage. But it´s really not. It doesn´t mean that we give up on learning and growing, it only means that we learn to distinguish where it´s worth the push forward and where it´s wiser to accept things as they are.

Here is a guidance you can use in situations like that.
Ask yourself: does it feel like challenge or effort? Does it feel heavy or light? And give yourself enough time to really FEEL the answer in your body. 

There is an important difference between effort (heavy, pushy feeling) and challenge (something that is not easy but it´s tempting, attractive from the inside). Effort often creates stress, challenge creates shift. 

Where do you notice a lot of effort in your life? What would happen if you stopped this effort?
How would it make you feel?
Is there an easier way? What is it? 


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