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Courage to PAUSE
Jan 27, 2018

Courage to PAUSE

My good friend told me some time ago: “You have to say “NO” to what is good in your life so that you can say “YES” to what is best”. I always found this challenging. My life is packed with wonderful opportunities and I´d love to do so many things! But every day only has 24hours, it´s a simple uncompromising math.

Do you ever feel the same way? So many tempting things we would love to do and not enough space for all of them.. Uhh, tough thing.  

Well, here I am standing at the crossroads.

Daily Courage is a project of my heart and I want to keep my work and dedication here. It was born because I deeply believe in the idea of small acts of courage on daily basis. Once we plant this seed, our lives inevitably transform. 

At the same time, the core of my work is in F-2-F coaching and corporate workshops. I love the moments of insights, the energy of discussions, I strongly feel I make an impact. And my capacity is fully booked for the coming months.

So here are the crossroads for me: 
How can I balance my energy and serve Daily Courage with my full time coaching business still successfully running?

Not an easy question for someone like me. Not an easy decision to make and it took some courage. Courage to honour my own needs just as much as I honour the needs of other people.

Here is what I decided to do. I feel this is a healthy and fair move and deep inside, I am very grateful. 

I will keep my dedication to inspire through our FB page. We´ll be posting articles, ideas and reminders to help you stay on the path of daily courage.

I´ll be happy to serve you as your coach. You can get your free laser coaching session here to see if we are the right fit.

I´ll keep adding videos to the free download section.

And I will pause the mastermind series for 2018.

I hope you stay with us on this path. Our world needs people who dare. More people who find the way to be courageous and kind at the same time. Not strong - aggressive, pushy and judgmental, but strong - compassionate, open-minded, with healthy assertiveness. That is our mission. To create a space where you can learn how to do that and that will help you stay you on this path.

Let´s live fully and dare.

With all my love,

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