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With kindness and respect.

Personal account and it's benefits

This LOG IN enables you to create a personal account which is useful for several reasons. 

  • It gives you easy access to all your webinars (it is all in one place). You don't have to search the information in emails, you just log in to your account, and it will give you direct access to the webinar room and to the replay.

  • It gives you easy access to Courage Academy, once you join the program.

  • It generates all your invoices into one place so that you can print or download them comfortably any time.

  • It enables you to make your experience with us more personal. You can add your own profile photo and use your profile also for comments in all forums. We will be happy to see your picture there :-)


How can you create an account?

This account is automatically created for everyone who joins us for any paid service, i.e. Webinars or Courage Academy.
If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at dare@daily-courage.com.