... to live the life you desire, not the life others expect of you ...
With kindness and respect.

Where is that?

I live in Europe. My country lies geographically right in the middle of Europe; it is called Czechia or the Czech Republic. Many people, unfortunately, think that "Western Europe" ends in Germany and all the rest is "The Wild East". It is not true. :-)

With our rich history, we are a part of Western European culture, just as much as Germany or Austria, our neighbors. We broke free from communism through the unique Velvet Revolution 27 years ago. Our small, yet skilled nation has given this world many great things, like contact lenses, nylons, sugar cube, the word "robot", phenomenal hockey player Jaromir Jagr, well-known writers Franz Kafka and Vaclav Havel and much more. And.. it is a truly beautiful place :-).