This is your life

This is your life. And it is precious. Living it fully and in balance requires a little bit of courage every day. Courage to be honest, to say NO, say sorry, courage to love, trust, leave... Let me share some of the best proven practical techniques that will make your daily life more fun and your dreams more true. Courage is not a philosophy, it is an act. So start NOW!


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  • Do you ever feel scared of something new and unknown, so you rather play small?
  • Do you feel bad and guilty about saying "NO“, so you find yourself doing something you really did not want to do?
  • Did you ever regret that you did not dare to honestly express yourself? Or that you lived your life to make others happy and missed out on your own dreams?
  • It really does not have to be that way. You deserve to have a great and fulfilled life.
  • When you step outside of your comfort zone, miracles happen. Learn the skills and tools you need and become the best version of yourself.
  • Make this the last time you feel guilty about saying YES to your own life. Your life is a gift. There is no need to waste any more time.

Who am I

Hi, I am Katerina I´m a passionate believer in human potential, professional life and business coach and meditation teacher. I am really excited that you are here. Welcome! Join me to find more empowerment, freedom, and balance in your life. Read More

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  • Kristyna

    "The most efficient time on the internet in a long time. This webinar has proven to be a big help in figuring out what is going on around me and deal with my problems in the best way possible. This is exactly what I was waiting for."

    Kristyna Dance teacher
  • Kristyna

    "I really appreciate the positive approach to all clients and great flexibility. Working with Katerina and her team is a pure joy. They are friendly, reliable and professional. We've been working together for several years and have always been happy."

    Kristyna Event manager, Kimberly Clark
  • Milena

    "Working with Katerina helps participants open unsuspected horizons. It is truly enriching, encouraging, heartwarming and energizing experience. No matter what our gender, age, education or position is, we all should work on good communication."

    Milena Communications Manager
  • Sonia

    "You are reliable, creative and well organized. Thanks for all of that."

    Sonia Chief Financial Officer, Allianz
  • Tereza

    "Just finished my coaching with Katerina and I highly recommend it. She helped me to find my professional passion, regain motivation and self-esteem. It made my life better. Katerina is an excellent coach, professional and very kind person."

    Tereza Make-up artist
  • Lenka

    “I felt a sense of partnership, relaxed and friendly approach for the whole time. No 'teacher style.' Thank you!"

    Lenka HR Manager, Tesco Stores
  • Pavlina

    "I can recommend Katerina's training to everybody. She is an expert in her field who never forgets to be kind. She creates a relaxed atmosphere for learning. She presents and structures the content, professional handouts and constructive discussions – this combination is just perfect."

    Pavlina Life and Business Coach
  • Sarka

    "Katerina will show you how to be productive without stress. She'll create a space for you to stop and think and maybe do things differently if you want to. It's worth it. You'll be different, happier - just like me. "

    Sarka Global Cash Collections Organization
  • Petra

    "Training with Katerina went way beyond the basic methodology. I appreciate the sensitive approach to the diverse mix of students and an open discussion. I highly recommend her to all people who are searching for deeper understanding of human interactions. She is a professional you will not forget."

    Petra PR and Marketing Specialist
  • Radka

    "I highly appreciate that Katerina teaches in an interactive way. A regular training becomes a special experience with her. What was promised, was delivered. Thank you."

    Radka Senior Sales Manager Vaccines, Pfizer
  • Andrea

    "Every encounter with Katerina is very kind, refreshing and enriching. Her professional and human attitude, spiced with a healthy bit of common sense in combination with all practical tools she offers has become addictive to me."

    Andrea HR specialist
  • Jana

    "Katerina is a guarantee of quality for me. Her training session on open communication was kind, informative, witty, fun and also very practical with examples from real life. I'm very satisfied and highly recommend her training."

    Jana Nurse